Our mind has the best filter of what it wants and doesn’t want to be considered as the actual truth.  We love to do a few different things when being confronted with the truth.  We either redirect it in our mind, repackage it, reformulate it to match our own perspective and distort it.  Or we take it in, kill it, wrap it up nice and tight in a bodybag and burry it deep, deep in our subconscious mind.  Or we block it off from the get go and don’t hear it in the first place.  

The only thing that is more powerful than the mind is the heart.  And that is the only way through which the minds defense mechanism may be dismantled.  

The heart is our true indicator of the deepest truths of ourselves and everything that exists, seen and unseen.  If the heart is in control truth will prevail.  If the mind is in control the truth will get distorted and twisted. ~ Yogi Bhajan


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