Jay’s heart warming and uplifting classes encourage students to rediscover their own inner power, mental strength and self-awareness while releasing and healing deep seeded blocks and unwanted stress.  Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan combines sets of yogic postures and movements (asana),  meditation, breath work (pranayama), and chanting (mantra).  It is a highly effective and transformational form of yoga on all levels.


A counseling session with Jay will provide a safe healing space for you to open up and with guidance move beyond any mental, emotional, and/or life blocks while building your own self-awareness and finding a deeper understanding of your souls path.


This very gentle hands on healing force/technique addresses and satisfies whatever your body, mind and spirit needs at that moment in time. During your healing, a flood of spiritualizing higher light frequencies are released into your body. This transformational energy dissolves interior emotional and mental barriers that have built up due to stress or trauma.  It releases negative patterns from your system that are blocking the flow of your personal life force.
You will feel a deep sense of peacefulness and calm during and after the healing and longer ranging effects can unfold over the following few days, bringing an increase in mental clarity, emotional stability and physical strength.

PRIVATE  KUNDALINI  YOGA  CLASS                             

This combination includes a 60min. counseling and a 30min. healing session.

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A spiritual cleansing and clearing of any stuck energy within your home. 

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