Gimmie A Break
The Mind & Meditation

Sometimes you just gotta take a break!  Not talking about that coveted coffee or cigarette break at work.... I’m talking about taking a break from your batshit crazy monkey mind!  Yep.  I said it.  Each one of us has one no matter how together we think we are.  Most of us are unaware of the fact that our mind is running the show instead of our actual true SELF.

Growing up and well into my mid 20’s I wasn’t really aware of how many thoughts were sprinting through my mind all day long and even less of how these seemingly random thought forms shaped my behavior, emotions, my perception about my surroundings/people and overall view on life itself.  At that time my brain felt like it was jam packed with heavy luggage and within each piece lay heaps of unresolved, unsorted, and emotionally charged thoughts jumping around just dying to burst out. But of course instead that luggage just got pushed further down the conveyor belt and soon vanished into the dark and scary abyss of the subconscious....

Well, guessed it.... I started meditating.  Oh, and not just the occasional fluke when you think this is like soooo tooooootally what you need right now in your life and then three days later you come to the viable conclusion it was toooootally not doable in the long run cause it kept cutting into your evening TV-relaxo or facebook time.  Yes, I'm the first to admit the beginning was not exactly easy to get over myself, put aside seemingly more important things to do and just fully commit to an actual daily meditation practice. The effects however have been really quite dramatic and commendable and honestly, if you haven't yet, just make it a thing. 

No biggy.  You know, kinda like you were taught to make brushing your teeth a thing.... just make meditation an easy breezy thing to clean out that junk in your brain trunk.  Believe me, it's worth it!

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