About Jay...

The inner drive to uplift, heal and bring a deeper sense of awareness to those who are looking for a more authentically driven life and mind set is what inspired Jay Moton to create this platform.  Cosmic Soul Seeker serves as such an exploration of a spirited, well rounded way of life.

Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, Jay started his yogic path in 2007.  By extensively studying the practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as well as teaching it, this powerful comprehensive form of yoga has shifted and transformed his life.

His heart warming and uplifting classes encourage students to rediscover their own inner power, mental stength and self-awareness while releasing and healing deep seeded blocks and unwanted stress.

As a teacher, healer and guide Jays' genuine connection between this world and the spirit world has shaped his utmost intention to help people establish a compassionate, loving and profound relationship to themselves and others.